At "Wholistic Yoga Center and Bodywork" we embrace a holistic approach to mindfulness, guiding individuals on a journey towards balance, inner harmony and feeling better about ourself.

Join us as we embark together on a path of holistic healing and self-discovery.

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C-IAYT Certified International Yoga Therapist Silvia V.

"Empowering Wellness Through Yoga Therapy"

  • Transform relationships with chronic pain or illness
  • Facilitate recovery from surgery, injury, or cancer treatment
  • Equip with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Cultivate a sense of embodiment, free from diet culture and comparisons
  • Foster a nurturing environment focused on holistic well-being

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Silvia V specialize in private Yoga Therapy session.

"Would you like to know about in-person and online options for Yoga or have a personal yoga instructor or coach? 

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contact Silvia V.

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Suffering from pain due to stress, injury, surgery or repetitive movements? 

Would you like to get rid of muscle knots in your legs, arms, back or neck?

Limited range of motion?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, contact Silvia at the Wholistic Yoga Center and Wholistic Bodywork in Shawano Wisconsin. 

The initial 30 minute consultation is FREE.

For a full list of yoga and therapy options, see the services menu.

Call or text 715-526-9086

Wholistic Yoga Center & Wholistic Bodywork

138 S Main Street, Shawano, Wisconsin 54166

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"Your Path to Holistic Well-being Starts Here!"

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summer workshops

  • Somatic's: starting July 25 | Thursdays 10:30am-12:00pm | once a week | 4 lessons - teaching of Thomas Hanna by Silvia 

  • Basic 101: Beginner Yoga, starting July 25 | Thursdays 5:30pm-6:30pm | once a week | 4 lessons by Silvia include online Basic Beginner course for home study 

  • 4 lessons $55
  • Location: Wholistic Yoga Center, 138 S Main Street, Shawano WI54166 - 715-526-9086





Neural Reset Therapy(R),

variety of Therapeutic Massages

Massage Therapy


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Movement Therapy

  • One-on-One   


  • Yoga Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy

Bodywork Therapy 

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  • Yoga Classes/lessons
  • "Overcome Anxiety program"
  • "Back Care" classes
  • "Mayofasical Yoga"


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