Established in 2002 

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"Wholistic Yoga Center was formed 

in 2013, we laid the foundation for our yoga sanctuary with a clear mission in mind: to cultivate a space of tranquility and healing energy for uninterrupted yoga practice. After years of transitioning between facilities, we finally secured a permanent home. Driven by the desire for a serene environment, we set out to create a haven where our clients could immerse themselves in the transformative power of yoga. Centralizing our yoga tools in this space ensures that every individual can experience the quietude and healing energy essential for their practice."

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Yoga is a somatic practice, but often it is offered and practiced in a way that doesn't lead to embodiment. Rather than feeling and experiencing ourselves, someone is telling us how to move and then we “do” the movement without actually feeling it.

Embody Yoga with Silvia

Meet the Business Owner


I'm Silvia Voss, a state-licensed practitioner of Bodywork and Massage Therapy, as well as a Professional Yoga Therapist. I'm here to guide you on a journey to inner balance and harmony, with a passion for holistic healing that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

My own healing journey began after a car accident in 1995, followed by a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2015. These challenges prompted me to explore the transformative power of yoga therapy and self-care. Within just one year of my MS diagnosis, I achieved complete remission, thanks to the practice of yoga therapy and holistic healing techniques. This led me to embark on an international journey of discovery, including immersive experiences with meditation teacher training in India.

Currently, I am offering classes/workshops in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland, sharing the wisdom and practices I've acquired on my healing journey. Continuously learning and evolving, I enjoy participating in educational trainings to ensure that I can provide my clients with the most effective and innovative approaches to holistic healing.

Your continued trust and love for yoga and massage therapy enable me to pursue my passion and share the transformative power of these practices with others. Your presence in our community brings warmth and positivity to every session, creating an environment where growth and healing can flourish.

I am dedicated to empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being and discover the immense potential within themselves. Let's embark on this journey together, towards a healthier, happier you."

Silvia V. 

As a Yoga Therapist I work with clients

to change relationships to chronic pain or illness

to support recovery from surgery, injury, or cancer treatment

to manage stress, anxiety, and depression with mind body tools

to feel at home in the body, without diet culture, comparisons, or weight loss talk

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Special program: 

Facilitator of the "Overcome Anxiety" Program -link to more information 

Currently offering:

One-on-One or private groups in Shawano WI. - Available also as a interactive online course with Silvia .

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Our Yoga Teachers 

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Silvia V.

E-RTY 500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher), 500 hr Integrative Yoga Therapy, 700 hr Structural Yoga Therapy, C-IAYT Certified International Association of Yoga Therapy, TIYT -Trauma Informed Yoga Facilitator, Master in Neural Reset Therapy(R) NRT - Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. Licensed Massage and/or Bodyworker in WI.

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Becky B.

RYT 200, Registered Yoga Teacher, Integrative Yoga Therapy Assistant Physical Therapist,

Call or Txt: 715.853.399 


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About our logo:

It represents the balance of the 5 Kosha's of our being - 5 Elements: Earth, Water Fire, Air and Ether/Space 

Five Kośas (pronounced Koshas) of being human existence within Yoga Therapy.

Annamaya-kosha (food sheath, Earth element) ... 

Pranamaya-kosha (vital sheath, Water element) ... 

Manomaya-kosha (mental sheath, Fire element) ... 

Vijnanamaya-kosha (intellect/intuitive sheath, Air element) ... 

Anandamaya-kossa (bliss sheath, ether/space element)

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